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A Match Mermaid in Heaven

Hey babes! I hope everybody is doing well and staying on top of their grind as we get deeper into this semester and closer to the end of this year. This time of year is my most favorite, and those who know me know the reason why. It's spooky season, ya'll!!!! Spooky season is when I feel most alive, mostly because of my large costume wardrobe. I've always loved playing dress-up. Growing up, I had a white and pink toy box that housed my first costume items. My 5th birthday party was a tea party and I made every guest dress up like a princess so they could share in the festivities. I've always loved wigs, and there's plenty of pictures somewhere I'm sure of me in my very favorite red Ariel wig that I donned any chance I could get. When I got older, I started doing theatre which afforded me an outlet for my desire to wear fancy dresses and pretend I was someone else. I've been wearing costumes all my life, and I think my inclination towards fashion is a direct result of being drawn towards that feeling of putting on an outfit that makes you feel like a slightly or entirely different person. Halloween is thus my favorite holiday, and I kicked off the season early when my talented photographer friend, Stef Murza, and I took some spur of the moment photos in my basement. I was drawn immediately to this blue sequined dress and how it reminded me of a mermaid's scales. The light was excellent coming in from the window and the way it reflected off the sequins onto the walls was unintentionally genius. I brought in some props and the photos were born.

Before I drop these pictures I want to say a few words about my friend Stef. She is one of the most talented photographers I've had the pleasure of working with, and she has drive and creativity coming out her ears. Stef was one of the photographers that shot the Prom shoot (see my previous blog posts), and I have worked with her on several other projects as long as we've known each other. I can feel her on the come up, and I hope that New York appreciates her as much as I do.

This is one of my favorite shots with my favorite guy. Bones has been there through thick and thin. Me being thick and him being thin...

I absolutely love these shots we did using the mirror on the bedside table. If you look closely you'll see my favorite pair of hot pink shades that were a Christmas present from my friend Bre!

Showing a little leg because I unfortunately don't have a mermaid tail. I loved incorporating the fishnets with the sequins and pink shell pillow to create a total mermaid vibe :)

Using random decorations around my room as props, Stef said these shots had a "VCU" feel lol

So I have to tell you about these boots. I found them in a way out of the way thrift store in Richmond and I've been wearing them as cowgirl boots ever since. They're actually vintage Pom Pom Squad boots which explains the taps on the heels!

This is the last thing you see before me, a siren, convinces you to drown yourself in the sea :)

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