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An Ode to Fairy Friends

So I really did mean to keep this blog more updated after bringing it back from the dead, but then my computer decided it no longer wanted to function which was extremely rude. She and I have, however, been reunited at last, and I had to share these photos that I took with my own two hands. I have a VERY basic digital camera now so I get to play photographer! Keeping that in mind, I hope you enjoy the shots I managed to get in focus ;)

One of the things about life I don't like very much is that things always come to an end. TV shows, pints of ice cream, and good days all have endings. Not all endings are bad, but the end of good things always leaves me feeling like I'll never be the same. One such ending is quickly approaching; the end of college. I'm about to graduate into a world full of endings, a world that might be less prepared for me than I am to enter it. Graduation means saying goodbye to friends that have changed my life in so many beautiful ways for all the wonderful minutes I got to know them. I remember being a freshman feeling like a fish out of water, searching for anybody that didn't think I was weird for liking to dress up or sing along to musicals. I was lucky to find friends who did so much more than tolerate me and my quirks. My friends, the ones who have lasted the test of time and drama, have celebrated everything that makes me an individual and made me feel like a needed addition to their lives. These friends have taught me so much and shaped my mind in ways I couldn't have thought possible. Like Manna, who showed me there's a new way to do EVERYTHING and how to have courage in the face of extreme odds. Hallie, who showed me what a gentle and quiet spirit is and also that sweetness doesn't mean you can't have fun. Abby, who showed me that love gets its hands dirty and still finds time to bake bread. Josh, who showed me how to set healthy boundaries and to care for people in surprising ways. These people have been everything to me and although we are starting to go our separate ways, I am confident that no matter how many years pass or how many miles lay between us we will remain friends, and our time together will remain burned into my heart.

For this photoshoot, I wanted to celebrate the magic of friendship and Manna's last night in Lynchburg by having Abby, Manna, and Hallie dress up like fairies with glitter and sequins to celebrate a midnight "picnic." I am still getting used to this camera, but I love the way the flash photos make the shots look like disposable camera photos. I just tried to capture the sweet moments and let everyone see what I see when I look at these girls. They are magical inside and out :)

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