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Two Looks for Fall

We all feel it in the air. The slight chill that lets us know time is slowly but surely passing, drawing nearer to the end of the year. I usually claim that Summer is my favorite season, but this Summer I wasn't doing much of my usual Summer activities, so I've been looking forward to crisp Autumn weather and the idea that Halloween is just around the corner. All this to say, I learned how to use self timer on my camera and that has opened up my world. No longer will I settle for mirror selfies or rely on other people to hold the camera! I was playing around all afternoon and I set up a little studio backdrop out of random things I found, and I really enjoyed the way the pictures turned out. I decided to do two contrasting looks to experiment with posing and framing, one more feminine and one more masculine, and I love the way they both turned out. Pretty much everything in my outfit is thrifted because I love saving money and saving the earth from fast fashion trash! I hope you guys enjoy these shots as much as I do, and there will be more to come as I keep learning and experimenting with my camera!

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